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Monthly Specials For July

Adidas Horwich tracksuit pants
NZD262.58  NZD104.81
Save: 60% off
Adidas Housewife Jacket
NZD531.90  NZD214.12
Save: 60% off
Adidas ID Bos Box Graphic T-shirt
NZD84.15  NZD34.57
Save: 59% off
Adidas ID Stadium Jacket
NZD249.52  NZD99.51
Save: 60% off

Adidas ID Stadium T-shirt
NZD103.09  NZD41.37
Save: 60% off
Adidas ID Tapered Sport Pants
NZD129.57  NZD52.37
Save: 60% off
Adidas Indigo 7/8 Track Pants
NZD130.07  NZD50.67
Save: 61% off
Adidas Indigo T-shirt
NZD112.96  NZD46.83
Save: 59% off

Adidas INFINITEX® + Parley Infant Training Boxer
NZD100.10  NZD38.35
Save: 62% off
Adidas Iniki Runner
NZD298.07  NZD118.48
Save: 60% off
Adidas Jacket Adidas Z.N.E. 90/10
NZD354.32  NZD142.50
Save: 60% off
Adidas Jacket Anthem Z.N.E Spain
NZD311.77  NZD124.23
Save: 60% off

New Products For July

Adidas Shoe Track Pants
NZD164.27  NZD65.00
Save: 60% off
Adidas Short 2 in 1 Run
NZD142.77  NZD56.74
Save: 60% off
Adidas Short 2 in 1 Run Floral
NZD141.61  NZD56.69
Save: 60% off
Adidas Short 3-Stripes
NZD80.82  NZD33.54
Save: 59% off

Adidas Short Adidas STELLASPORT
NZD79.26  NZD32.96
Save: 58% off
Adidas Short Adidas Z.N.E.
NZD107.94  NZD41.78
Save: 61% off
Adidas Short Adidas Z.N.E. Zero-Dye
NZD113.09  NZD46.93
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short All-Star
NZD124.31  NZD49.84
Save: 60% off

Adidas Short All-Star West Proven
NZD111.02  NZD44.85
Save: 60% off
Adidas Short and tight THE
NZD146.50  NZD57.14
Save: 61% off
Adidas Short Away Day
NZD84.96  NZD34.80
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short Baggy Drop
NZD109.96  NZD43.79
Save: 60% off

Adidas Short Beach Volleyball Performance
NZD89.61  NZD36.69
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short Bermuda Barricade
NZD122.44  NZD49.65
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short Borbofresh
NZD90.27  NZD37.35
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short BS
NZD215.91  NZD86.82
Save: 60% off

Adidas Short Chambray
NZD171.84  NZD68.71
Save: 60% off
Adidas Short Chita
NZD90.39  NZD37.47
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short CLFN
NZD111.65  NZD45.49
Save: 59% off
Adidas Short Climachill
NZD98.27  NZD38.73
Save: 61% off

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